What to Shred

It’s unlikely you’d send competitors your customer lists, advertising campaign, new product information or training manuals.

But in this day and age, where paper consumption has steadily increased despite technological and computer advancement, the risk of printed information falling into the wrong hands remains a constant threat.

Through our secure document destruction process, IDS Secure Shredding educates your organization, big or small, to protect personal data and the confidential information of your company, your suppliers, and your customers. It’s not just good business practice; it’s now the law.

For example:

Executive Level
•Financial Reports
•Legal Contracts
•Strategic Reports

Human Resources
•Payroll Information
•Performance Reviews
•Job Applications
•Incident Reports
•Medical Records
•Employee Records

Research and Development
•New Product Information
•Testing Reports
•Formulas, Product Plans
•Specification Drawings

Accounting and Information Technology
•Payroll Statements
•Budget Schedules
•Internal Financial Reports
•Supplier Information
•Customer Lists

•Training Information
•Activity Sheets
•General service information
•Health and Safety Incidents
•Appraisals, Product Testing Results

•Confidential information
•Purchase Orders
•Corporate records
•Supplier records
•Supplier specifications

Sales and Marketing
•Customer Contact Lists
•Activity sheets
•Training Information
•Campaign Strategies

Residential and Home Office
•Personal Mail
•Junk Mail
•Bank Statements
•Social Security Info
•Credit Card Statements

Don’t give thieves or your competitors the upper hand. Protect your ID, your company and your customers and let Information Destruction Systems safeguard your privacy.