About Us

Information Destruction Systems L.L.C. (IDS) is a privately owned and operated mobile shredding company based in Northern New Jersey and serves the business community of the Tri-State area. We provide an efficient, cost effective, safe and secure solution for the shredding of sensitive, confidential, and any other documents that you no longer need.  We shred paper, computer printouts, brochures, flyers, bound reports, coupons, printing mistakes, over-runs, and other documents.  We will also shred computer disks and tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, microfilm, X-rays and Mylar.  You do not need to remove staples, paper clips, or other metal fasteners prior to us shredding them.

Our team stands ready to serve you with the most efficient and effective way to destroy confidential information.  Our equipment, systems and expertise offer you peace of mind, and an increase in your bottom line.

The owners of IDS L.L.C. have a combined 40 years leadership experience in the trucking and logistics industry supported by knowledge of the waste, recycling and security industry.  Their experience ranges from marketing and sales to the design and implementation of operations processes and standards.

The misuse of confidential information has put us all at risk.  Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, affecting approximately 900,000 new victims each year.  As a result, several laws have gone into effect requiring businesses to destroy documents containing sensitive client information.

Our objective is to deliver the most secure on-site, timely and environmentally safe destruction service at an affordable price.  We provide outstanding service, convenience and value to our clients.

Mission Statement

IDS is a company based on strong values and quality work ethics. The foundation of this organization are the employees, the most visual and notable presence in today’s market. Our philosophy and work ethics are built on fundamental values and morals. IDS will provide a superior level of services combined with a positive and professional attitude. We will be customer focused and maintain the highest level of security to insure the accountability and confidence of our services. Our environmental commitment and technology will distinguish ourselves from the present competitors and drive the growth of our core service. We will ensure that a positive, safe and environmentally conscience work environment will be maintained at all costs. The commitment to training and development of our team will be an ongoing effort. We will not limit our growth to our existing services but embrace and explore any other opportunity that can offer the successful growth of our company. In providing a full menu of services we will position IDS as a valued resource of our customers and insure the secure destruction of their confidential information in an environmental conscious process.